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"100% KPI performance for a digital marketing agency in Tennessee and 70+ appointments in a 8 Months"

Client Challenges:

  • (Disclosed due to NDA) had a negative experience with another lead generation company. In a year-long partnership, they faced a barrage of unqualified leads, resulting in no successful appointments. This issue stemmed from a fundamental misunderstanding of the client's specific business needs and industry.

  • The client needed a steady stream of qualified leads, not just occasional hits. They were looking for a consistent, ongoing supply of high-quality leads.

  • There was a requirement for multiple, targeted leads in a highly competitive and specialized market niche.

Solutions Provided:

  • We launched a local outreach campaign, focusing exclusively on businesses in Tennessee within a specific industry range. The goal was to target the internal market to foster local business growth.

  • Leads were segmented based on industry specifics, utilizing a face-to-face (F2F) approach. Our team of outreach specialists created highly personalized Email/LinkedIn templates for each industry prospect. Generated 5k contacts every month leading to the conversion of 20 intro calls per month. 

  • We managed and supported real-time meetings with prospects, making the most of the F2F approach, which demands intense communication between the client, the prospect, and our team.

Results Achieved:

  • 80  appointments booked over 7 months.

  • 20 deals successfully closed.

  • The average Key Performance Indicator (KPI) achievement was 100%.

  • We organized around 10 appointments each month, totaling over 100 F2F meetings in 12 months.

  • The open rate peaked at 54%, with a reply rate of 6–7%.

  • In total, we generated over 40,000 validated contacts.

  • The client's direct involvement in meetings and our tailored approach to lead qualification led to a closure rate of approximately 20%.

Challenges We Faced:

  • Working within a narrow niche and location was challenging, as it was difficult to convince the client to broaden their outreach scope. This necessitated extra efforts in lead generation and qualification.

  • The highly competitive market meant we had to tailor our value proposition to precisely meet the needs and challenges of our prospects.

  • Restoring trust in appointment-setting vendors was a significant hurdle, especially given the client's previous negative experiences. Our initial efforts were focused on overcoming their doubts and establishing effective communication channels.

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