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"Maximizing Opportunities: Achieving 50 Key Appointments in 6 Months" 


Industry: Financial Services.

Timeframe: 6 months.

Results: 50 appointments booked, 30% qualified opportunities.

Client Challenges:

(Disclosed due to NDA), a fintech firm based in London with a team size of 11-50, embarked on a mission to revolutionize digital financial transactions. Their goal was to engage enterprise-sized companies, targeting sectors like banking, energy, and gaming across various European countries. ​​ (Disclosed due to NDA) faced hurdles such as intricate lead research within the complex

fintech industry, a lack of experience in cold outreach, and difficulties in engaging with large corporations effectively.

Solutions Provided:

The solution was structured into several key strategies:

In-Depth Product Research:

Understand (Disclosed due to NDA) offerings and market positioning.

Target industries like Oil and Energy, Cryptocurrency, and more across multiple European countries.

Granular Lead Research:

Extensive use of databases for finding relevant financial industry leads.

Regular updates and double qualification with client and team SDRs.

Referral Strategy and Template Crafting:

Utilized referrals for better precision.

Developed engaging email templates explaining open banking and its benefits.

Building an Outbound Channel:

Launched email campaigns and nurtured prospects.

Facilitated bookings with (Disclosed due to NDA)  sales representatives.

Key Takeaways

Product and Market Knowledge: Understanding your product and market is crucial for effective presentation and targeting.

Communication Skills: Be prepared to explain complex services and guide potential clients through their buyer's journey.

Collaboration with Experts: Partnering with experienced teams in cold outreach and market research can significantly enhance sales strategies and market reputation.

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